Park Hyatt Goa

Park Hyatt is Hyatt’s luxury hotel brand. After a wonderful experience in Park Hyatt Shanghai I was excited to see how good Park Hyatt Goa could be. It’s the only resort in the Park Hyatt, but unfortunately has the same size as some of their city hotels. With over 250 rooms it’s difficult to deliver the personalized service that is required and I kept that in mind before arriving in the resort. The hotel picked me up from Alila located 4 kilometres from Park Hyatt. After a nice welcome and drink I was escorted to the Park Suite.

The suite was quite old and could need a renovation soon. The bathroom was very interesting though with a deep bath tub and nice design. As said before my expectations for the service was not too high with over 250 rooms, which in my opinion is way too many for a resort and I was right. Only in the phone can they remember your name and at breakfast it can be difficult to find a table. Not very good. I hope Hyatt in the future will focus more on the guest experience than making as much money as possible. That said the staff was very nice and friendly. They have found the right staff, but with 250 rooms and 500 guests it feels like you are a number. The spa is very nice designed and have won awards in the past. The gym needs to be improved with the latest technology, but was besides that OK.

Overall one of the best choices in Goa. It needs to be improved in some areas and I really hope they will make this hotel more exclusive. With quite low rates and 250 rooms in a resort it does not feel exclusive to me. It feels like a comfortable luxury choice with good value, but you can get that many places in the world.

My opinion: Great experience.