Résidence IMAN

Mauritania is not a tourist destination and definitely not a luxury destination. The best hotel in the capital of Nouakchott is Residence IMAN which by local standards probably would be a 5 star, but in the Western world would be more of a 3 star. I was very satisfied. Clean comfortable room with Tv and beautiful contemporary bathroom. Complimentary high speed internet. High speed as I was able to make Skype calls home which was a pleasant surprise.

The staff are helpful and things works well here. The restaurant is good for a sandwich at a reasonable price. The swimming pool is a great place to relax and the restaurant complex is beautiful designed.

The bottom line is that this property isn’t up to the standards of the world’s best hotels, but it’s the best hotel in Mauritania and therefore highly recommend. A must in Nouakchott.


My opinion: Good experience.