Ritz-Carlton Berlin

Ritz-Carlton has been voted the most luxurious hotel brand in the world three years ago and has high-quality business hotel around the world. Before I went into this property, I just had a disappointing experience in Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, which is the cheapest hotel in the Ritz-Carlton family and therefore might be the weakest. This hotel was ranked number 42 in the world in Condé Nast Travellers Gold list, so I walked into this property with much higher expectations of quality and that’s exactly what I got. I stayed in a Deluxe Room and had access to the wonderful club lounge. The room is nice for a standard room and has a classical design. I liked the club lounge, and it’s service. Compared with many other hotels only a few people has access to their lounge. In other hotel programs the elite members will get access to the lounge, but as was told this is not possible in the Ritz-Carlton Rewards program, you have to buy access, which also makes it more exclusive.

While this is a business hotel, it also offers good facilities for leisure travellers as you would expect in a Ritz-Carlton hotel. Some people have complained about the size of the swimming pool, but in my opinion, it’s much better to have a smaller swimming pool than don’t have any at all. One of my favourite European hotels, St. Regis Grand in Rome don’t have a swimming pool, and that’s a big problem compared with having a small one. The other facilities in the health club is great too like sauna and jacuzzi.

Overall this deserves its place among the best European hotels. I think they have done an excellent job, and it’s surely one of the best Ritz-Carlton hotels. Small details like more personalised service and better rooms can bring them up to the very best hotels in the world. Overall highly recommended as one of the best places to stay in Europe and surely in Berlin.

My opinion: Great+ experience.