Royal Torarica

Royal Torarica is by far the best hotel in Suriname and has a good location in the capital of Paramaribo. Royal Torarica opened in 2007 and is primarily a business hotel, although a small one of it’s kind. Only 63 rooms total which are very comfortable and comparable with a Sheraton or Marriott. A big plus for the rain shower which I wish could be a standard in all hotels. Complimentary internet worked very well in the room and I couldn’t find much to complain about in Royal Torarica. The service is fine, but not up to the standards you see in other hotels around the world. The facilities included meeting facilities and a smaller gym.

Overall a very good hotel experience that exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love the fact that almost every country in the world has a good, comfortable hotel to stay in and Suriname is no exception.

My opinion: Good+ experience.