Satri House

Satri House recently got membership of Relaix and Chateaux and that was my main reason for selecting it as one of my hotels in Luang Prabang.

The first impressions of a hotel is always very important and Satri House immidiately escorted me to my Junior Suite, but on the way I saw the beautiful grounds and the small property is very beautiful. Arrived in the room I did the checkin formalities and got a nice welcome drink and cold towel. The Junior Suite was special. Having seen many similar rooms in the world, this room was something different and unique and felt amazing to be in. I always like hotels with the local touches and the room was full of Lao furniture like an old phone and special architecture. Another detail is that you can close all the windows and make your room completely dark during day time.

As said the rest of the property is unique and something I’ve never seen before, but the most important thing is always the service. In small independent hotels the service have been very mixed so I didn’t know what to expect. In Satri House the service was excellent. Super friendly and attentive. 23 rooms is a fantastic size for a hotel to deliver the required personalized service and Satri House did that. The hotel also had a spa with steam bath which was a nice place to relax. In most big hotels they only have one swimming pool, but small Satri House has two and it’s really one of the most beautiful properties I have seen. It might have been my personal preference, but I loved it.

Since it’s Relaix and Chateaux the food must be good and it was. Their local Lao tasting menu is excellent and so was the service.

Overall this was one of the biggest positive surprises I’ve had throughout my travels. The hotel is unique in this world. It’s probably an experience you can’t find similar elsewhere. An amazingly beautiful small property with a lots of nice different details, great careful staff and fantastic food.

My opinion: Fantastic experience.