Seven Stars Galleria

Seven Stars Galleria is the only European hotel to claim it’s a 7 star hotel. 7 star does not excist, but there is no doubt this hotel is unique in many ways. Located inside the historical “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II” and with only 7 rooms I arrived with high expectations.

The arrival experience was great with a warm welcome, welcome drink and an escort by the personal butler to the room. I stayed in a Rossini Suite and it was overall brilliant. A two level suites with a great modern design. The shower wasn’t separate from the bathtub and the bed a little hard, but that would be the only things to point out from a great suite.

The service is always the most important thing and it met my expectations Great reception staff, but expected more from the personal butler. The attitude was fine, but I expected an extraordinary one. 

Overall it was a brilliant experience. 7 star does not excist, but it’s definitely a 5 star experience. Unique in many ways and with one of the best locations in the world.

My opinion: Great+ experience.