Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Introduction:One of the most famous sights in the world greets you as you awake from the soothing comforts of your luxurious bed. The stunning Opera House glows a pearlescent white against the blue of the sky and the sea, while the Harbour Bridge stands majestically for all to see. The city is a palette of exuberant colours, all vying for your attention. Such is the spectacle from your room at Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney.

Above information is how the hotel presents itself on their website.

Below is my experience based on a one-night stay at the property.

My Arrival experience: Arrived late. Qucik check-in. No escort to the room.

What I loved: The views and location.

What about the service: Quite good. Would rank it better than Shangri-La’s properties in China, but far from the level of their property in Dubai and New Delhi.

Number of rooms: 563.


Type of property: City hotel.

Location: Sydney, Australia.

Facilities: Swimming pool, fitness center and business/meeting facilities.

Complimentary internet: Yes.

Affiliations: Kiwi Collection.

My overall impression: Great experience.