Shearwater Resort

Saba is a small Dutch island in the Caribbean with a population of less than 3.000. There isn’t beaches, but the experience was one of the nicest I’ve had. Beautiful nature, friendly people that makes you feel welcome wherever you are. Shearwater Resort is the best place on the island and I was very satisfied with the quality of the place. Friendly staff including the owner welcomed me and gave me an orientation, but no welcome drink was offered which was surprising as this is a standard in resorts.

There are 12 rooms total in Shearwater Resort and their are up to a good standard. Beautiful sea views and very soft beds were the highlights for me, while the shower could be improved as the water pressure was quite low. I also noted a new product in the bathroom called Azha which was quite nice. The internet is not available in the rooms, but in the lobby/restaurant area and free of charge. The short stay ended with a good breakfast and I just wish I could have stayed in Saba longer.

The bottom line is that Saba is a unique destination and Shearwater is a highly recommended resort although not up to the standards of Caribbeans bests which rates on the other hand is 4-5 times higher.

My opinion: Good+ experience.