St. Regis Houston

St. Regis has become one of the leading hotel brands in the world after opening many hotels in the last few years. One of them is St. Regis Houston which again delivered a true St. Regis experience with classical design and great butler service.

I arrived in the hotel and received a nice welcome and an upgrade to a Caroline Astor Suite, named after the St. Regis’ founders wife. I arrived in the suite with it’s classical design. One minute later the butler arrived to greet me. The butler service in St. Regis is not a personal butler, but it’s very professional service and you know who to call when you need help with anything. The service was up to my expectations, but with many guests in a business hotel it’s hard to deliver personalized service and I didn’t expect that either.

The internet were complimentary for me as platinum guest and it worked fine thoughout my stay. The facilities could need an upgrade, however they just got new computers in the business centre, but I don’t understand why they have to charge for it. It’s stupid in 2011 and 99% agree with me on that.

The location is not very good and is complicated to get here from downtown Houston with public transport. A taxi is the only option if you have limited time. Overall it was a very nice St. Regis experience to the portfolio. It’s not one of their best properties, but it’s a hotel with St. Regis standards and with great value.

My opinion: Great experience.