Tamassa Mauritius

If you have followed my blog, you will know that I like to explore a different kind of hotels and be surprised. Tamassa was a pleasant little surprise. They did things differently from many hotels, and it was a nice experience. It all started when I arrived, and they offered a small ice instead of the usual welcome drink. After the drink, Bholah checked me into my room which had a nice smell when you enter. Tamassa doesn’t have suites at all, but their rooms are very nice and different. The design is a bit like a W hotel. The hotel could be called a W Light. Their focus is on the younger generation. Tamassa simply means party in the local language.

The facilities were nice, and the room had complimentary wireless internet access although the speed was quite slow. When you travel to Mauritius, you don’t have many choices of eating outside the hotels, which makes the food vital within the hotel. The chef made a tasting menu especially for me, and it was top class. Comparable with some of the best hotels I’ve been to around the world. Bravo. The service was better than expected, but not similar to top resorts around the world. Overall a nice and different hotel experience. A great choice for younger people.

Rating 8.5/10.