The Maldives is Now a Low-Cost Destination

The Maldives was for many years an expensive, unrealistic dream for many travellers around the world, but those days are now gone. The Maldives is now a low-cost destination with low-cost luxury hotels in the summer season. Reason? Everyone wanted to open a resort in The Maldives, and so they did. Now, the resorts need to be competitive to get business in the summer season. There are now over 200 Resorts in The Maldives including over 100 with 4 or 5 stars. Try my search engine for Maldives in the summer and you will be amazed at the result. Last summer, rates were as low as 50 dollars per. Person per night for a 4-star resort. I spend a month in The Maldives last summer, and it only rained two days in a month, so don’t worry about the weather. Instead, September is probably the month to avoid as it rains a lot.

Flights are cheaper than ever to The Maldives. Low-cost carrier Fly Dubai launched their Dubai-Malé route earlier this year and now ultra low cost, Air Asia has launched their Kuala Lumpur – Malé service. That creates competition and carriers like Etihad, and Oman Air had great value flights from Europe to Malé return for as little as 500 euros. Air Asia’s return flight from Kuala Lumpur is as low as 200 US dollars, but you can sign up for their newsletters, and they often give away nearly-free tickets. I have travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, Australia for as little as 50 US dollars, but keep in mind it requires you to book far in advance.

Also, keep in mind, that most visitors to The Maldives are Europeans, and June-August is the European summer season and another reason the prices are so low. The market is changing, though, and The Maldives is a very popular destination for Chinese these days. The distance is short and most come for just a few days while Europeans always stay a week or two.

Finally, it’s worth to mention The Maldives issue a free 30-day visa stamp upon arrival at the airport, and there are no requirements. It takes 10 seconds, and you are in paradise.