The Ritz-Carlton Santiago

After more than 10 Ritz-Carlton’s I now have a good opinion about the brand. 5 years ago it was voted the best luxury hotel chain in the world, but that must belong to the past. In my opinion they are far behind Four Seasons, but it’s still a brand with a lot of quality hotels around the world. Tokyo was extraordinary and Kuala Lumpur was more a Marriott than a Ritz.

My experience with Ritz-Carlton Santiago started with a quick check in where they informed me of an upgrade to a junior suite. The junior suite was very typical Ritz-Carlton and with a little larger sitting area than the usual Ritz-Carlton standard rooms.

The facilities was good, but the swimming pool was crowded and unlike the other Ritz-Carlton’s I’ve stayed. The food was very pleasant. Breakfast one of the better ones I’ve had. Overall it was a definitely up to Ritz-Carltons standards, but to become one of the better ones service would be a thing to improve. It was good, but Ritz in Tokyo and Berlin is in a complete different category.

My opinion: Great experience.