The Westin Excelsior Florence

171 rooms can be found in this classical Westin hotel which is something completely from your usual Westin-experience. Most Westin hotels wouldn’t be good enough for a collection of the world’s best hotels, but the Westin Excelsior hotels of Italy are a level or two above that. This Westin is located opposite the lovely St. Regis where I had a great stay 18 months ago.

The design is very classical, but however also with tired parts and a renovation would be needed soon. The service is professional and not far from the St. Regis next door. The breakfast was pleasant with a good buffet and egg station to get you whatever you would like. Although I didn’t dine here, the hotel has beautiful designed restaurant and excellent meeting facilities for business travelers.

The bottom line is: Don’t judge this hotel by it’s Westin name, think of one of those classical Grand Hotels of Europe because that is what this hotel feels like.

My opinion: Great experience.