Tiritiri Lodge

When researching the last lodge to select for my project in Queenstown I came accross a very interesting book. Lodges of New Zealand. A collection of the very best lodges in the country and though the list I saw a lodge I had never heard about before. Tiritiri Lodge.

I did a lot of research and decided to give it a try. I took the bus from Queenstown to Wanaka and arrived excited to explore this small lodge with only 6 rooms.

The owner Denis picked me up from the bus station and after 5 minutes I arrived in Tiritiri Lodge. A cup of tea was offered in their “lobby/living room” before I was escorted to the room.

I stayed in a Deluxe Room and it was very nice. There is 5 Deluxe Rooms in the hotel and 1 Suite. That is a concept of the owners. They don’t want guests to spend all the time in the room, but instead in other places of the property which is very beautiful and modern designed. The Deluxe Room had a comfortable bed, small Tv and a balcony with beautiful views.

What I liked most about Tiritiri Lodge was the homely feeling and the concept. It’s a very small, intimate property where the owners does most of the job. Small amount of staff and without the usual hotel feeling. The service level is great as the owners and staff is extremly helpful, but it should not be compared to bigger hotels as this is kind of a luxurious Bed&Breakfast. In my opinion somewhere between a hotel and a bed&breakfast, hard to explain and you will have to stay here to experience it yourself.

Overall a very personal and homely place. Wanaka is like a small Queenstown and a place I would love to visit again and I now definitely know where to stay.

My opinion: Great experience.