Top 10 Large Hotels

Please note this list has since been updated, click here to see the new one.

I have stayed in more than 900 hotels of the world’s best hotels and while I prefer small hotels, there are some incredible large hotels out there as well. The hotels below are the 10 best I’ve stayed so far with at least 250 rooms. Here are 10 in no particular order:

                                                                           10. JW Marriott Indianapolis, 1,005 rooms.

9. The Ritz-Carlton Chicago, 435 rooms.

8. Four Seasons Hotel New York, 368 rooms.

7. Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, 392 rooms.

6. Banyan Tree Bangkok, 327 rooms.

5. Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, 394 rooms.

4. The Dorchester, London, 250 rooms.

3. Grand Hotel Stockholm, 330 rooms.

2. Yas Viceroy, near Abu Dhabi, 499 rooms.

1. Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, 393 rooms.