Tower Club at Lebua

Tower Club at Lebua is a member of Preferred Boutique and based on the excellent reviews all around the internet I decided to include it as one of my many hotels in Bangkok.

I arrived late and the first impressions wasn’t very good. The slowest elevators I have ever seen and though my stay I always had to wait minutes. Very annoying. My room was a pleasant experience though, a large Signature Suite with excellent views of Bangkok. The livingroom was very large and it even had a kitchen. The minibar was complimentary and is something that becomes more and more popular. I believe it will be a must in hotels over time as internet is today. The internet was complimentary as well as access to their club lounge. Their club lounge had a strict dresscode I hated, but besides that good and with great staff. The breakfast was good and the service very attentive despite being a big hotel.

The most important thing in a hotel is the personalized service is impossible in such a big hotel. The staff were great however, but some should have better English skills.

Overall it felt a little like Las Vegas in Bangkok. Big hotel with 100s of rooms and slow elevators. The staff was great and their Tower Bar is quite incredible. If you like to try different high end hotels you should definitely put Tower Club at Lebua on the list as it was a different experience from my other hotels in Bangkok.

My opinion: Good experience.