Townhouse 27

Finding the best place to stay in Belgrade depends on your preference. Hyatt Regency as the big chain hotel or Townhouse 27 as a beautiful, unique boutique hotel. After more than 300 hotels I know what I want. New different experiences. Townhouse 27 is a new hotel with focus on contemporary design and Bang&Olousen Tvs in all rooms. The main sightseeing of Belgrade can be found in the old town which is located only 5 minutes from the hotel. I arrived in the hotel and the check in went very fast where the key and a B&O remote control was given after a short registration. There was no escort to the room which was a surprise. The room was a surprise as well, but this time a positive one. Lovely junior suite with Bang&Olufsen Tv as the highlight. Some of the worlds best hotels don’t have bath tub in the rooms and Townhouse 27 in Belgrade is one of them. A very small bathroom with a shower. I personally think a bath tub is a must, but I know there is different opinions about this.

The internet was complimentary was and worked fine throughout my stay. Townhouse 27 has recieved excellent comments on Tripadvisor for their service and I will agree a long way. It’s very good with great, friendly staff, but I wouldn’t call it outstanding as others do. The breakfast was very good in the morning, but if you’re looking for facilities you will have to stay in one of the big corporate hotels. This was a lovely small boutique hotel which in my opinion surely is the best place to stay in Belgrade.

My opinion: Good+ experience.