Tryall Club

Tryall Club is an all Villa concept that is recommended by Condé Nast Johanssen and excellent reviewed on Tripadvisor.

When I arrived in Tryall Club I didn’t knew what to expect. I have stayed in excellent reviewed hotels from Tripadvisor before and been very disappointed, but Tryall didn’t. I had a good stay in this hotel with great helpful staff and a nice two level villa to stay in. The villa had a nice bed and it’s own kitchen. It was comfortable and nice. That said it was far from one of the worlds best hotels, but not that far from Round Hill which is considered the best hotel in Montego Bay. Tryall Club very proudly told me about their famous guests in the past which includes actor Hugh Grant. The food was very good in their beach restaurant, but their concept is based on private dining in the villas and is not my kind of concept.

Overall it was a nice experience to the portfolio. My stay was only one night, but I got a good feeling for it and can recommend it. It’s just very important you don’t expect a truly memorable experience if you are well travelled.

My opinion: Good experience.