Vila Joya Albuferia

Vila Joya is located just outside Albufeira is a member of Chic Retreats and has the only Michelin restaurant in the area and with two well-deserved stars.

I arrived in the evening and went to directly to dinner, just in time to experience it. The restaurant is one of the few 2 star Michelin restaurants in Portugal and a great experience. Their prices are lower than most 2 star Michelin restaurants and the main guests are Germans. The staff are fluent in several languages which was very impressive to see. After the dinner, I went to my Suite. It had two Bang & Olufsen Tvs and a jacuzzi as the highlights. The bathroom had Molton Brown products which was a plus, while I note a minus for the bed. It should have been more comfortable. Also worth to note a beautiful view which was beautiful the following morning. I went down to have breakfast which would be one thing to improve. Usually hotels with Michelin-starred restaurant have a high quality breakfast as well, but not here. They need to put high quality food items in their buffets in my opinion.

The service at Vila Joly is great. The restaurant of course has great service as it has 2 Michelin stars, but the front desk also impressed me with a kind welcoming attitude. My stay at Vila Joya was very short, but I really enjoyed it and I am happy to rank it as a great experience.

My opinion: Great experience.