Visa On Arrival Now Possible for Sierra Leone

Back in May, I visited Sierra Leone and its a pleasure to provide you with unique travel information not available elsewhere on the internet. The Sierra Leone visa can be a quite difficult one to obtain at the embassies so I did some research on the possibility to obtain it on arrival.

Selecting the best hotel in Sierra Leone is easy. Coutnry Lodge is the one. The General Manager was able to help me out and issued a PDF-document you print out and bring to the airport to get your visa stamp on arrival. Very easy and simple process. He is also part of Sierra Leone tourist board and a very nice guy. To get his contact information simply send me an email at and I will provide contact details. The price is the same or less as the embassies charges for a visa where you have to wait days for your visa to be issued.

Sierra Leone is opening a new airport soon and many 4 and 5 star hotels are about to open. It’s the hope, that tourism can be like in the good old days where Europeans travelled to Sierra Leone to experience their extraordinary beaches.

Tokeh Beach Resort is one of few resorts now open, located 1 hour from the capital of Freetown and with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As for flights to Sierra Leone, low cost carrier Gambia Bird has cheap flights from London to Freetown where you pay a lot less than the other airlines flying to the Sierra Leonean capital.