Zitahli Resort

Zitahli Resort is the only Maldivian resort 100% owned by Maldivians. The resort stands on it’s own and don’t have to follow certain rules as big international brands. It gives the resort a lot of great benefits that they can do whatever they want.

I arrived with boat in Male from Kandooma Island Resort, but I had to wait 3 hours for my flight to Zitahli. Very unacceptable, but it’s because of Maldivian Air Taxi. They decided to wait for other passengers which flight were delayed instead of sending me alone to Zitahli. The flight itself was nice and beautiful and the arrival experience in Zitahli was excellent. I was welcomed by the Italian general manager Antonio and I had a nice welcome drink before being escorted to the over water villa.

The villa was world class and among the best I’ve stayed. Comfortable bed, flatscreen Tv, outdoor shower and private pool. Champagne and welcome card when I entered the villa, couldn’t be better. The internet is wireless and complimentary and it even have a separate router in the villa. The service is really good, but as expected not comparable to the very best hotels. Even though it is a lot of money, I think you get what you pay. Good value for a unique experience and highly recommended.

My opinion: Great+ experience.